1. To Implement various schemes of Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Govt. of India, in General, in the area of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship in U.T., Chandigarh as per the functions as enshrined in the guidelines/implementation manual provided time to time.
  2. Increase employability of the youth and empower them to take part in the economic growth of Chandigarh-and India, through skill training in modern and market driven professions at reasonable cost and monitoring its delivery, and thereby reducing unemployment; poverty and socio-economic inequality.
  3. To provide skill training to the students passing out from schools, school dropouts, Unemployed youth, Informal sector workers, Women and other disadvantaged groups.
  4. To inspect, monitor the quality of training imparted.
  5. To map demand for skill sets in the market and formulate programmes to meet such demand through high quality skill training.
  6. Develop self employment and entrepreneurial skills for youths of Union Territory, Chandigarh.
  7. To act as a platform for job seekers and provide assistance in getting self employment.
  8. To assist the Chandigarh Administration in formulating appropriate policy,legislations and/or measures to fulfil the skill gap and constitute task forces for this purpose.
  9. To carry out or implement any other activities/ schemes which are beneficial to make the youth of U.T. Chandigarh employable.
  10. To create effective convergence between school education, professional courses and various Skill Development efforts of Central and State Governments.
  11. To create benchmarks for research, development and quality of the professional and vocational courses including examination, certification, affiliation and accreditations.
  12. Assist in creating an enabling environment to attract investment in professional and Skill Development sector.
  13. To undertake the capacity building programmes of various stakeholders working in the professional and Skill Development sector.
  14. To create Corpus Fund, Reserve Fund, Sinking Fund, Insurance Fund, or any other Special Fund whether for depreciation, repair, improvements,extension maintenance of any of the properties or rights of the Mission and/or for recouping wasting assets and for any other purposes for which the Mission deems it expedient or proper to create or maintain any such Fund or Funds.
  15. To enter into any arrangement/agreement with any person, company or association having similar objectives.