1. To undertake all activities that may be necessary for achievement of the objectives.
  2. To provide guidance and support for efficient planning and implementation, monitoring, evaluation of professional, technical, vocational education and Skill Development and its up-gradation in the State.
  3. To promote and facilitate public-private partnerships in the accomplishment of its objects.
  4. To promote and undertake analytical work to continuously improve the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of professional, technical, vocational, education and Skill Development in the U.T. Chandigarh.
  5. To create duly empowered administrative mechanisms, through such participation as may be deemed necessary, for the achievement of the objects of the Mission.
  6. To establish for the implementation of the schemes/programmes, task forces and other appropriate mechanisms.
  7. To obtain technical resources support by networking with the existing National and State level academic, training and research institutions, or through establishment of new ones.
  8. To advise the Chandigarh Administration in formulation, standardization, execution, monitoring and evaluation of suitable measures for professional, vocational education and Skill Development.
  9. To organize conferences, symposia workshops etc. for accomplishment of its objectives.
  10. To create academic, technical, administrative, managerial and other posts in the Mission and to make payments for the same in accordance with its Rules and Regulations.
  11. To make Rules and Regulations for conduct of the affairs of the Mission and add or amend, vary or rescind them from time to time.
  12. To call for any information from any institution recognized by AICTE/ UGC/MCI/ NCI/ PCI/ CBSE/ ITI etc. in the U.T. Chandigarh.
  13. To incur expenditure after drawing up a budget and in accordance with the Financial Rules as are applicable in Chandigarh Administration and are of the Mission with due regard to economy and probity.
  14. To maintain proper accounts of income and expenditure, arrange for Internal and Statutory Audit of the accounts in time and prepare Annual Reports and accounts of the Mission.
  15. Purchase, hire, take on lease, exchange or otherwise acquire property,moveable or immovable and construct, alter and maintain any building or buildings as may be necessary for carrying out the objectives of the Mission.
  16. To get funds, grants, subsidies, loans or financial assistance from State Government, Central Government or any Person, Company or Association or Organization having similar objectives.
  17. To give grant, subsidies or financial assistance to any Person or Association or Organization to carry out any specific task/(s) entrusted to it by the Mission or in return for the services rendered to the Mission.
  18. To enter into any arrangement/agreement with any person, company or association having similar objectives.
  19. To take all such other actions as may deem necessary or incidental or ancillary or conducive to the achievement of the objects of the Mission.